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Our History

Anhumas: learn the origin of our name


Anhuma is a bird, the “forest sentry”.
Half legend, half real, it is said that an anhuma lodges in the highest trees and shouts something like a resonant “viu-viu” to warn when a stranger approaches. Skittish, they can scare a herd of cattle and alert animals about the presence of hunters. It’s an elegant bird that flies easy.
Besides the spurs in the middle of wings and the orange eyes, its mythological characteristic is a kind of horn that it projects of the cranium as if it were an antenna – therefrom the legend that an anhuma captures the danger signs and alert it.
With a strong and decided singing, is a great size bird, with 80 centimeters of height and wings that can come get to almost to 1,5 meters of wingspan.
Lives in the fields of Northern Brazil, mainly in Pantanal.




That’s how we expect to be recognized. Always.

asp1“There are many corporate pronouncements, technical testimonials, researches and publications, all around the world, that daily and increasingly is praising the importance of the integrated logistics.Certainly, the integrated logistics, in this world increasingly globalized, has been represented a competitive strategic advantage for companies in its many economic segments.
In Brazil, it is not an exception. Portos Secos themselves, one of the many activities developed by Columbia, also turned in modern and specialized outsourced logistics providers, notably for importers and exporters products.

It was with this spirit, excellence in integrated logistics services and facing liability and ethics, values always present at company, that Columbia directed efforts to adopt a Risks Management politic structured in a set of activities and preventive measures that aims, primarily, control risks, avoiding losses and occurrences and, when necessary, minimize the impacts, with actions of contingency and insurance contracts.
This correct way to manage risks, guarantees a safe administration, low costs, high quality and reliability in operations that was possible only from the moment that Columbia, besides its loyal contributors, started counting with excellent partners (GV, Anhumas, Itaú and Nigel), considering that there is a convergence of thoughts between all of them: in the integrated logistics, a great program of risks management is still an excellent path to keep customers and increase the profitability.asp2

To Anhumas, our gratitude.

Paulo Roberto Guedes – Executive Director


asp1“In our partnership with Anhumas, we managed to anticipate in two years our Strategic Plan, in the insurance chapter, bringing to Brazil, in pioneer aspect, the policies of harbor operations and logistics of London, that expanded covers, adapted costs and process, which allowed a higher security to our customers.

The proactive attitude of Anhumas allows us a constant analysis of improvement opportunities in our risks management area, enabling verbalize products with more value to our customers.”asp2

Luiz Augusto de Camargo Opice – CEO


asp1“We have hired the services of Corretora Anhumas Seguros for being an ethic and experienced company that acts with a professional and technical high level.
It guides and advises Duratex in fundamental aspects about rules and covers of insurance policies, certifying in being an efficient company, both at risks managements as in progress of realized works in partnership with the costumer.”asp2

Guilherme Archer de Castilho – Executive Director


asp1“After a claim’s incident, in May of 2003, we had difficulties in re-establish the cover in insurance that we used to have. We already knew Anhumas and their developed work, mainly in harbor operator insurance.
With the support of Anhumas at the implementation of a risk management system in our terminals and fleet, we managed to get more extensive covers and reduction in the total insurance cost, besides decreasing substantially the internal job of annotations and reports.
Anhumas still offers an advisory in risks management area, easiness and speed in attendance of claims.”asp2

Lucia R. Mesquita – Vice President


asp1 “In the 80’s, there wasn’t a defined culture of insurances in our organizations. The market wasn’t able to sell in ‘lots’ of the covers that the company demanded, once that in ‘retail’, the costs were a lot bigger and onerous.
When hiring the company Anhumas Seguros, we verified that there was a synergy with our thoughts and we started to work in two fronts: we transformed our limits of budget in a consistent plan of improvements and we hired the first policy of named risks for warehouses charge, in a certain way, pioneer in Brazil. Nowadays, we have security and great cover of insurances and we continued with the efficient collaboration of Anhumas, searching for even more alternatives that enforces the security of our actives, purchases of our customers, and mainly, of our staff and general public.”asp2

José Américo Ribeiro dos Santos – CEO


asp1“In our first contact, we were expecting from Anhumas only the bureaucratic technic assistance in two big processes of claim (fire) in our factories in Manaus. Over time, we realized how Anhumas could aggregate value at our risks management process.
Today, they are consulted anytime that a risks problem comes up. And there is always a fast and economic solution with favorable reflexes, including, in operational costs.” asp2

Ricardo Egydio Setubal – Vice President Director


asp1Na época em que adquirimos nossa apólice de seguros, procuramos uma corretora que, além de ser experiente, transmitisse confiança.
Após o trágico acidente de que fomos acometidos, verificamos ser a “Anhumas” uma corretora preocupada não só em vender seguros, mas também em acompanhar o segurado em todos os momentos.asp2

Marcelo Marinho de Andrade Zanotto – Diretor


asp1“Having Anhumas as an advisor in Insurances and risks Management, gives us the security in the occasion of a fire’s claim, in the unit of our companies that set our business group, allowing focusing on attendance of customers, in reconstruction of installations and continuity of companies operations.”asp2

Orlando Machado Junior – Coimexpar



R: Joaquim Floriano 1052,

10° floor Itaim Bibi

São Paulo-SP-Brazil 04534-004

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