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Grupo Anhumas is formed by three brokerage firms: Anhumas itself, Abaré and Anhumas Benefícios. Anhumas, with more than 30 years in the market and with great experience of analysis and risk management, specializes in the corporate market. In its portfolio of clients are industries of the most varied segments, as well as service companies and commercial enterprises.

The purpose of the job is always to provide the best result for the customer. This involves everything from the preparation of contracts to the administration of conflicts with the insurer in cases of loss, acting as a mediator and being a link of harmony between the parties.

Abaré, specializing in insurance for individuals, small and medium enterprises, is part of a plan for the company to expand its operations, always with the formation of teams of specialists in the segments in which it joins.

Anhumas Beneficios is a consultancy specializing in the administration of medical, dental and life insurance for companies of all sizes and segments.



There is no solution equal to the other: for each customer a unique model is developed, according to its specific needs, its specific characteristics and their expectations. A job that can be defined as tailor-made.


The adoption of the best practices of corporate governance and compliance contribute to the company’s consistency with its values. The recommendations made to customers are always exempt, taking into account only what is best for them, without linking to goals or campaigns.


The teams that form the Grupo Anhumas mix professionals from different backgrounds and experiences, which allows a multidisciplinary and broad view on each case. They are teams composed of long-time specialists in the company and new highly qualified professionals, which results in a very favorable mix of stability and renewal. Training is ongoing, ensuring that the team is always up to date and prepared to deal with the new challenges brought about by changes in society, legislation and technology.


R: Joaquim Floriano 1052,

10° floor Itaim Bibi

São Paulo-SP-Brazil 04534-004

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